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My inspiration and life as a Speech Language Pathologist began when I discovered my youngest could not hear. At that time my two younger boys had started school and that same year my daughter had to also start school full time, in order to learn with hearing aids and also to learn how to talk. I decided to enroll myself in school and pursue a degree in Speech and Hearing Science. Little did I know at the time that a Master’s was required to do anything in the field. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Masters program at Arizona State University.

I had a family, so relocating wasn’t an option. I am often asked how I did it, I had three very young children at home. It was through determination and eagerness to learn all that I could about speech and hearing – just to help my daughter. My mom also inspired me – as she arrived in the US with five kids with the goal of improving hers and her family’s life. I learned from her that anything was possible if you truly wanted it. I learned what determination and grace are all about, I followed my heart and to live my dreams to the fullest.

Expanded Services For All

New Horizon Therapy offers speech therapy for adults and children and a state-of-the-art occupational therapy sensory gym for kids.

Seasoned professionals in both speech and occupational therapy work with individuals of all ages.

What sets New Horizon Therapy apart from other practices is our team. Collective experience, care and creative concepts are applied to each client’s case. We offer classes such as teaching mindfulness/yoga to children to aid in behavioral and social skills development. We offer robotics classes that encourage creative thinking and hand-eye coordination skills. We are on this journey with our families! We understand the experience and can help parents and caregivers navigate the seemingly unpredictable circumstances ahead.

Do you have a parent who suffers from dementia? Are they trying to regain speech post-surgery? Our dedicated staff specializes in working with people of all ages, particularly memory care or skilled nursing residents needing extra speech therapy care.

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