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Summer Classes

SIGN UP! New Horizon Therapy Summer Speech Classes & Programs

Join us for New Horizon Therapy Summer Classes & Programs that encourage social engagement skills, critical thinking, reading & language development. Classes for children 5-12 beginning June through July.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to build robots? New Horizon Therapy has teamed up with LAUNCH TEAM 6352 to bring you a unique way of learning to build robots through Google Classroom and a simple download of a free programming software. Kits will be available to pick up at New Horizon Therapy, which will need to be returned at the end of the program.

The program will consist of a series of lessons that will be accessible at your convenience. There will be someone available to answer all incoming questions. The programs that will be available are:

* Boomtown Build and Mission Moon consists of 11 hours of programming for individuals and 21 hours for families if they choose to do it together
* Discovery Edition Challenge consists of 10 hours of programming
* All programs are self-guided with instruction provided remotely through Google Classroom

Families that sign up will choose:

* Mission Moon Only

* Boomtown Build Only

* Discovery Edition Only

* Mission Moon and Discovery Edition

* Boomtown Build and Discovery Edition

* Mission Moon and Boomtown Build

*Mission Moon, Boomtown Build, and Discovery Edition

Once a program has been selected, you will be prompted with questions as to what software is at home so we can guide you as to downloading and getting started with the program.

All materials will be due back at the end of the program in good working condition as they were when they were picked up. A security deposit will be collected and returned when kits are returned to New Horizon Therapy.

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