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Improving Social Skills in Young Children & Teenagers

By March 9, 2020July 20th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Improving Social Skills:

Navigating social communication and social settings are an essential skills for young children and teens. Being proficient in social communication can help your child build successful interpersonal relationships, gain self-esteem, and eventually become gainfully employed.

New Horizons Therapy specializes in offering social skills therapy to help your child or teen recognize and utilize appropriate communication behaviors. We employ an evidence based Cognitive Behavior Approach. Children and adolescents who successfully complete our therapy to effectively navigate and effectively engage in:

  • social interactions,
  • emotional competency and expression,
  • social situation problem solving,
  • perspective taking, and
  • interpreting and utilizing body language and facial expressions.

This type of therapy includes exercises and research-based techniques designed to improve social communication and self confidence in young children and teenagers.

Here are three tips to help establish good social skills in kids:

1. Encourage active listening: Teach children the importance of listening attentively to others when they speak. Encourage them to maintain eye contact, nod, and ask relevant questions to show their interest. This helps them develop empathy and understanding towards others.

2. Foster cooperation and teamwork: Engage children in activities that require collaboration and teamwork, such as group projects or team sports. This helps them learn how to work together, compromise, and respect others’ opinions, fostering good social skills.

3. Teach conflict resolution: Help children understand that conflicts are a natural part of social interactions and provide them with strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully. Teach them to express their feelings assertively, actively listen to others’ perspectives, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

If you find that your child struggles with engaging with others, participating in conversations, or maintaining friendships, we can help. Schedule a free 15-minute evaluation at New Horizons Therapy for your child today.

Check out our video about healthy routines!

Armida Carr

Armida Carr is the founder and owner of New Horizon Therapy. Armida holds a MS from Arizona State University, is licensed by the State of Arizona, and is certified as a Speech Language Pathologist by the American Speech-Hearing and Language Association (ASHA).